Local Planning Authorities have a duty to prepare and publish up to date Local Plans. The Government has set out that these should be in place by 2017.

Consequently many local authorities are undergoing their plan making process now.   After that Local Plans need to be kept up-to-date. There is and will be a constant cycle of local plan review to make sure that the plan framework is up to date and relevant. There will always be opportunities to reconsider policy and put forward alternatives sites for development or policy direction. However, for small or local issues the best way of doing so may be through Neighbourhood Plans (see below).

Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Plans are a way for local communities (such as parish councils) to influence planning policy which affects their area. Many communities have embarked on the process of making Neighbourhood Plans.

The Government has allocated grant money to help local communities to prepare these plans and H&H Planning has experience of sourcing this funding and preparing plans for local communities.   Our recent neighbourhood projects have included:

  • Lazonby
  • Langwathby
  • Matterdale
  • Greenhollows, Skelton
  • Carr House, Upper Eden

If your community is interested in this process or if you wish to discuss your project in detail, please contact the H&H Planning Team on 01228 406260 or email the team in confidence.