Development Sites

Local Authority Land Allocations

As part of the Local Plan process, local planning authorities need to allocate land for a variety of purposes – leisure, open space, housing, retail and commercial.

We represent landowners who wish their land to be considered for inclusion in Local Plans as development sites – most often for housing. We will suggest sites to the local planning authority for assessment and comment on consultation documents to argue our clients case. On occasion we will also represent clients who object to a proposed allocation as long as we do not have a conflict of interest.

Option Agreements

It is common, particularly for larger proposed housing sites, for landowners to enter into option agreements with a house builder. Put simply an option agreement is a legal agreement which puts certain obligations on both parties. The house builder must endeavour to make all reasonable attempts to gain planning permission or have a site allocated for housing in an adopted local plan. Should they be successful the landowner is obliged to sell the land to the house builder at an agreed price. The advantage for the landowner is that the costs of obtaining permission is borne by the house builder, with a purchaser lined up at the end of the process. On the other hand the house builder has a strong incentive to gain the necessary permissions to maintain their housing land bank, and will not be in competition with other house builders should permission be granted. Our chartered surveyors have a long track record of negotiating option agreements, and have excellent contacts with the house building industry as a result. It is usual for our costs to be paid by the house builder.

Sale of Sites

H&H Land and Property employs a wide range of professionals engaged in land use matters. We are therefore able to sell development sites, with or without planning permission, through our land agents H&H Land and Property and/or estate agents trading under H&H King and Michael CL Hodgson

For further information regarding specific sites, proposals or any planning issues please contact the H&H Planning Team on 01228 406260 or email  to confidentially discuss your concerns and our fees.