There are size limits for these permitted development rights and they will depend on the size of the farming unit

Agricultural Buildings

Many agricultural buildings may be erected under permitted development rights, but certain details on their dimensions and materials must be provided to the planning authority prior to work starting. The authority may agree the details, require further information or refuse the details. If they don’t respond within 56 days then you may proceed, but otherwise you should wait until it has been approved by the Council before starting work.

As with all permitted development rights certain criteria must be met. Among other things large sheds over 465m2 in area will require full planning permission as will livestock buildings close to residential properties not associated with the farm. If you have previously exercised permitted development rights on the farm holding permission may also be required for smaller buildings.

For further information regarding specific proposals or other planning issues please contact the H&H Planning Team on 01228 406260 or email  the team to confidentially discuss your concerns and our fees.