There are many forms of permitted development rights that allow certain developments to proceed without planning permission

Permitted Development Rights Notifications

The Government has identified certain types of development which can be carried out without the need to submit a planning application. These are set out in a document called the General Permitted Development Order and the right to carry out these developments are known as Permitted Development Rights, or PD Rights.

The Order has been extended and amended over the years and this is likely to continue into the future. In 2015 a completely fresh Order was issued which tidied up all the amendments which had accumulated over the years. Nevertheless the rules about which type of developments are permitted are complex and change frequently, so the interpretation of what is and isn’t permitted development is, unfortunately, not always straightforward. If you have any doubt whether what you wish to do is permitted development you should consult your local planning authority or a professional planning consultant – we would be happy to advise you on such matters.

In many cases permitted development rights are granted subject to the requirement that certain information is provided to the local planning authority for their approval prior to work starting. These are known as notification of intention applications, and we are very familiar with preparing and submitting such applications.

The most common forms of permitted development are set out below:

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