For peace of mind you may apply for a Certificate of Lawful Use when planning permission isn't necessarily required

Certificates of Lawful Use

Applications for Certificates of Lawful Use, also known as Lawful Development Certificates (LCDs), fall into two categories:

Firstly, they can be used to establish whether works you wish to undertake can be lawfully carried out without the need to submit a planning application. For example if you wish to carry out work on your house and you are not sure whether the work is permitted development you could make such an application.

Secondly an application can be made to establish whether an existing use or development is lawful or not. It could be lawful because planning permission has been granted or planning permission is not required. A certificate can also be applied for if an unauthorised use has been carried out for many years uninterrupted. In such cases if it can be proven that a use has continually taken place for ten years or more (or four years in the case of residential use or built development) then the change of use becomes immune from enforcement and is thus lawful.

For further information regarding Certificates of Lawful Use, please contact the H&H Planning Team on 01228 406260 or email the team in confidence.